I’m a Beast - Meg Johnson


I am a rapper. I rap

to my porcelain dolls.

I can tell they love

my fierce rhymes

when they don’t

move their eyes.

And when they look



I am fake pregnant.

Not to trap a man, but

to entertain myself.

It makes me feel skinny!


I am auditioning

to be a puppet. I like

to pull my own strings.

I wish I was at home

pulling my own strings

right now.


You must sit at least two feet

away from me. If you do not

sit two feet away from me,

I will continue to smell

this sharpie marker until

you feel so uncomfortable

you must leave the room.


You will be confused

by how turned on you are

by my sharpie sniffing.


You will shiver

with self-hatred.

© Meg Johnson 

*Bu şiir, şairin izniyle The Crimes of Clara Turlington (2015) isimli kitabından alınmış, A. Emre Cengiz tarafından Türkçeleştirilerek Gard’ın 17. sayısında yer almıştır.