The Father of a Sick Daughter - Rati Saxena


A father

with the feverish body

of his daughter,

seated on the bed

smelling of vomit,


that her dry lips

may blossom a bit,

that her dried eyes

may shine a little,

that her naughtiness

may dance like

the sound

of anklets.


This moment

he is not counting

the dowry to be given,

not thinking of

her education or her job,

– he does not remember

even the thorny boundaries

made by society –

he is doubtful

if the sun would rise

after the dark night.


The father of the sick daughter

started getting warm

like the sun.


© Rati Saxena


Bu şiir, daha önce'da yayınlanmış, Şakir Özüdoğru tarafından Türkçeleştirilerek, Gard-10'da yer almıştır.