In the Kitchen - Stacie Cassarino

It’s right before you drive away:

our limbs still warm with sleep,

coffee sputtering out, the north

wind, your hips pressing me

hard against the table. I like it hard

because I need to remember this.

I want to say harder. How we must

look to the road that’s gone,

to the splayed morning of cold

butter and inveterate greed.

Light comes and goes in the field.

Oranges in a bowl, garlic, radio.

In the story of us, no one wins.

Isolation is a new theme

someone says. By now

I’ve invented you. Most people

don’t like to touch dead things.

That’s what my friend tells me

when I find my fish on the floor.

It must have wanted an out.

Sometimes my desire scares me.

Sometimes I watch football

and think: four chances

is enough to get there. But

we don’t have helmets.

I want to say harder,

I can take it, but

there’s no proof I can.


© Stacie Cassarino


* Bu şiir, şairin 2009 yılında New Issues Press tarafından yayımlanan Zero at the Bone isimli kitabında yer almış ve Onur Çalı tarafından Türkçeleştirilerek Gard-6’da yer almıştır.