The Secret Language of Symbols - Erica Miriam Fabri

What if I say you are the man who wears fish 
for shoes, or that you hide beneath a girl's green 
dress? What if I tell them I found you inside a bottle 
or a lamp, and that in there, you were holding 
a small brown bird under your tongue? What if 
I write this on snakeskin: Deep inside his eye sockets 
there are jellyfish. You told me you came from a place 
where stampedes of horses hunt in the valley of your ribcage. 
I told you that's where I came from, too. Funny, I never
saw you there, you said. Yes you did. I was the one 
selling ice tea from inside a cardboard box. What if 
the pills you swallow are actually dragonflies, rubbing 
the dust from their wings all over your belly? What if 
there is an octopus in your backyard? What if there are 
firecrackers in your onions? What if I spray-paint 
a secret message on the curved wall of a drain tunnel 
that when deciphered means: His body was a drum 
and his hands were horns. He made a song that turned
my throat into a wishing well and filled me with pennies
that flickered like copper stars.
© Erica Miriam Fabri
Bu şiir, ekleksographia dergisinin 2. sayısında yayınlanmış ve Şakir Özüdoğru tarafından Türkçeleştirilerek Gard-5'te yer almıştır.