Iphigeneia - Diane Thiel

(Sapphics from Tauris)

Song has come tonight to allow my questions.
How did I arrive on this unknown ocean?
Life passed in the fall of that long blade, only
following orders.

Sacrificed for ‘favorable winds,’ but somehow
plucked from Charon just when I tasted iron.
Someone took my place. I could feel the bones and
flesh fill the space left.

Blood in my eyes, I could feel fur and skin wrap
round me, hear the voice that was not my own, scream
out—in language all of us understand, yet
let it be uttered.

If we survive, memory makes one part split
from the other. One of me died that evening.
One of me seems safe, but will always carry
Fear like a stone child.


Now, with wine-dark hands, I am made to carry
out the very act which my scars remember.
How can I allow yet another brother
such final terror.

© Diane Thiel
Bu şiir, şairin Story Line Press tarafından 2004 yılında yayımlanan Resistance Fantasies isimli kitabında yer almış ve A. Emre Cengiz ve Şakir Özüdoğru tarafından Türkçeleştirilerek Gard-4'de yer almıştır.