Rosie - Kent Leatham

“I want to teach people that porn is the same 

as nature documentaries on TV,” she says,

unstrapping her dildo and removing the rings

from her nipples, navel, and clitoral hood,

then changing into a V-string thong and Polo shirt.

“It can open your mind to whole new worlds,

just like March of the Penguins or Herzog’s

Encounters at the End of the World.”

Around us, the camera crew unplugs equipment,

coiling cables and dimming lights.

“For example, did you know there are fsh

that mate inside the bodies of other fsh? How

kinky is that! But humans can be just as creative,

which is what I’m trying to reveal in my flms.”

She tugs on jeans and ties back her hair

as two men wheel the bed off the set.

“Porn has always been the Antarctica of art,

but that doesn’t mean it’s a wasteland,

just poorly presented. I mean, compare

my flms to Hollywood sex. When

was the last time you learned a new move

from a mainstream movie? Telling people

porn is perverted and Hollywood’s normal

is like handing Michelangelo a twelve-pack

of Crayons and telling him to draw for Disney.

‘Tranquilization by the trivial.’ You know who

said that? Kierkegaard. Most people don’t even

know who he was. ‘Infnite possibility

made available through the imagination.’

I respect that. I embrace that. In my flms

I want to show you what’s possible, take

your body somewhere new. I want to be

your Magellan, your Darwin, your Shackleton.”

She pauses for a sip of water, then leans

close and whispers against my ear: “I want

to show you an ocean of opportunity

 waiting just below the ice.”


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