Virginity - Anne Champion

5th grade sex education:
Think of it as a fower,
the untainted essence
pure, beautiful, a gift.
Amorphophallus titanum,
the Carrion Flower,
eight feet in height,
the bruised blue-maroon
frills the purple sheath
of the green shaft--
green, or rather, unripe, my responses
on his bed, when his parents weren’t home
as he pried the closed bud-tips --
The bloom spreads open,
oozes oils from its spear,
attracting beetles and fies--
deceived scavengers--
trapped among the foral organs,
half-drowned in waxy nectar.
This is my fower. Spread
and become the carrion, the prey.
The bloom and the death are the same.
© Anne Champion
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